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The Health District is an organization, which protects and promotes the health of Galveston County residents. The services provided by the District are overseen by two boards of health, which review and adopt the Districtís health policies. The United Board of Health (Board) is a thirteen (13) member appointed body responsible to the public for the operation of the Galveston County Health District. The function of the Board is to approve policies that govern the Galveston County Health District. The Board has assigned the authority and responsibility for the operation of the Galveston County Coordinated Community Clinics (4C's) to the Governing Board of the Galveston County Coordinated Community Clinics. The Board oversees the provision of all the ten (10) essential public health functions.

Services offered by Health district include Asthma Treatment, Breast Cancer Screening, Case Management, Chest X-Rays, Counseling, Diabetes Education, Family Planning, Galveston County Indigent Health Care, Health Education, Immunizations, Patient Assistance, STD/HIV testing, Well Child Visits, and Women's Health.

The Health District also three stations with 4 twenty-four hour MICU ambulances and 1 twelve-hour daytime MICU or ALS unit covering the 64 square miles of Galveston Island, Texas.

Contact information:
Island Community,
4700 Broadway,
Galveson, TX-77551.
Phone: (409) 763-7200

Community Family Center,
2000 Texas ave,
Texas City, TX-77590.
Phone: (409) 941-0474


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